Facilitator Course Application
  Dancing With Trees, northeast Georgia, USA

You may complete this application here on the website, or print it out and mail it to Dancing With Trees, 1629 Wynn Lake Road, Alto, GA 30510. You're also welcome to apply by telephone, discussing your answers to these questions with Genevieve in person. To do this, call 706-778-8847.

You may start the application process by completing this form. You may also apply here to have Genevieve conduct the Facilitator Course in your own area.

After your application is received, the next step is a phone interview.

  1. Please provide the following contact information:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Job Title
    Street Address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal Code
    Work Phone
    Home Phone
    Website URL
  2. Why do you want to take the Facilitator Course? What do you want to do with these skills?

  3. Please provide the following personal information:

    Date of Birth
    Sex Male Female
  4. Current occupation: Please describe the work you do.

  5. Please describe your level of health and fitness. What kind of exercise do you do regularly, and how often?

  6. Are you fit enough for days of strenuous activity?

  7. Please describe any previous training or experience in climbing: (Note that training and experience are not required for acceptance, but your information will help us tailor the course to fit you.)

  8. Please describe any training or experience teaching and working with groups:

  9. Do you have any other relevant training or experience? (First aid? Rescue? Rock climbing? Ropes Course? Caving?)

  10. Is there anything else you'd like to tell about yourself?

If you have any problems with this form, please contact Catherine Jo Morgan. Or call Genevieve at 706-778-8847.
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